The way you think is shaping your world.

September 24, 2018. Our ability to think is what is moulding and shaping our reality. If your thinking is anxious, you will create more feelings of anxiety. If your thinking is negative, you will create more negativity in your life. If in your thinking you’re doing a lot of complaining, you will create in your life more things to complain about. You have to learn to think to yourself in a softer and more positive way.

The best way you can learn to become a more positive thinker, is by spending 15 minutes every day practicing thinking positive thoughts to yourself. Just get yourself comfy, either sat or lay down, and firstly take a few deep breaths. Once you’ve done that, now scan your body to release all the tension from your muscles. Now begin to list in your mind, over and over, things that you’re grateful for. ”I appreciate my…Β I’m so grateful for… I love to feel…’‘. Just keep finding positive thought after positive thought. It may be a little bit slow and forced at first, but you will get better and better and start to gain momentum.

By doing this regularly you will start to become much more disciplined in your mind and thoughts. You will start to become more aware of when your mind slips into complaining, or when it is generally getting more negative, and then you will get better at being able to talk yourself back to a more positive state of mind.

Little changes in your thinking will create massive shifts in your life.

Think positively. Think constructively.

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Just keep improving.

August 16th, 2018. To grow you must face the things that you fear most. Don’t shy away from what scares you. Don’t shy away from your weaknesses. Get in its face. Rehearse it. Practice it. Show yourself that you can do it and it will no longer scare you. Then move on to the next thing. Just keep learning and improving.

Working on and improving yourself is one of the most satisfying things you can do that will make you feel much more at peace within yourself.

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Never underestimate yourself.


August 13th, 2018. You have talents and abilities within you that you don’t even know about. So stop selling yourself short. Stop putting yourself down and start picking yourself up. Learn new skills. Follow the things that you enjoy. Do the things that you’re best.

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